On site refinishing we come to you with are mobile refinishing shop with all the materials ready and preperad  to bring the life back in to your door!!!

​​ Repair.Refinish.Rebuid.
what is iron restoration?
do you have iron doors ? are they looking dry, shinless, 
pealing, cracking, rusting taken a beating from sunlight and rain,or just simply worn out? no need for a new door! We can bring your door back to life, giving it back the shine it once had.
call us today, we are highly recommended with experience for more than 25 years with iron refinishing .
iron door restoration
let us save your doors!
Over time, the iron doors you spent 
thousands of dollars on may become 
oxidized and faded.we can help! 
the experienced team can restore your doors back to the original finish
and save you thousands 
of dollars in the process. instead of masking 
the problem, we use a multi-step process
that  targets the cause of the problem, fixes 
it then prevents it for years to come.
Latern refinishing
Give your home a grand appearance. but over time, they can become dull, discolored, and lose that eye-catching look you bought them for. Also instead of buying new ones, we can restore your lanterns to better than new condition, and keep them like that for years to come.
  • front entry iron doors 
  • gate doors 
  • iron fences 
  • metal balconies
  • iron stairwells  
  • we can repair any rust, chipped, shinless iron or broken pieces 

IronDoorRe storation facts!
we are committed to providing the best quality work to our client's services to all our clients and families, companies and communities that we serve. we stay 100 % behind our work 
we are a family-owned and operated and believe in being completely honest with all of our clients once we give a quote we stay 100 % behind the quote that we give you, no hidden fees, our prices reflect the quality of work we provide to all our clients .

We have perfected the iron refinishing process with specific techniques and unique solution combinations to guarantee the best results on each product we restore.

Before you hire a handyman with limited experience in iron refinishing, talk to the experts and compare our prices, we guarantee that you will be glad you did!

The Work
This is family fun and friendly
We have long experienced and very knowledgeable hands working on all your iron pieces and needs and don't be afraid to ask them questions. work sometimes will take awhile but we also want to make sure it's to your liking and specifications.
we are known for competitive prices, and wonderful service and take every opportunity to help make your iron shine again just the way you remember. so don't be shy, give a call or send us an email with pictures and we can give you a quote.